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I am fortunate to own a *lot* of gear. I use most of it. Some I have for historical/nostalgic reasons, some for that shoot when I *know* I will need it (it just hasn’t happened quite yet, nor in the last 10 years…). One thing to note though, is that my cameras and gear are my tools…. I look after them, but I do not revere or worship them. I use pro gear because it is built to withstand knocks, bumps, weather. I don’t use it because it is nice to look at. Even if it is. I probably have 5 camera bodies at any given time, and I possess at least 30 flash units, probably way more. As for camera traps, I have lost count. Tripods, clamps and stands, same. None of it, and I mean none of it, looks new or pristine. But it is kept in perfect working order. You will see a lot of it described here – why I use it, what I like, what I don’t like.

I have learned lots of tips and techniques over the years – where to place flashes, how to minimize the use of batteries, wildlife observation techniques, which tripods are best suited to which purposes, tons of stuff that might save you time and effort. You will find all that here.

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