Humans: Bodyscapes

I love creating bodyscapes. That simple. With a single human form and simple lighting, you have an almost limitless supply of opportunity to make gorgeous images. Cryptic, beautiful, revealing, mysterious. We see our bodies everyday, but we rarely see them like this….

Hummingbirds: On White

My series of Hummingbirds on White has been a big success for me – internally and externally. I have always striven to capture hummers in a ‘natural’ environment, and indeed they are here – photographed against a white external wall of my house above a garden. Of course it does not appear natural at all, but I assure you it is! It is flash that ‘blows out’ the white wall – not Photoshop. These birds are totally wild and shown as captured in camera (Like all my work). This mixture of science and art has produced an aesthetic that resulted in a little internal turmoil – they don’t look ‘natural’. A fine art gallery owner saw these images and simply wore me down to provide her some prints for sale. The Limited Edition prints on aluminum have been selling phenomenally well, and I am grateful to Laylon Whitaker of The Vault Gallery for seeing what I didn’t – the potential that other folks might like what I do….