I am extraordinarily proud to reveal that my colleague Johanna Turner and I are credited under Principal Photography in the 'Wild Cities' episode (#5) of this landmark series. We spent over a year gathering 4K footage of nocturnal wildlife around Los Angeles, centered mainly around 'Nikita' - the Queen of the Verdugo Mountain Range just north of Burbank and Glendale. We worked hand in hand with the producer/director Justin Anderson, wildlife camera tech/whiz Nick Guy, and facilitator extraordinaire Yasmine White, along with the necessary authorities and some really, really cool property owners. 
It should be noted that the internet is a wonderful thing. In the early 80's, I was an engineer designing microchips in a research laboratory in London. I was part of a small group among other small groups of design engineers. To cut a long story short, this mountain lion video project was realized through a Facebook connection to a fellow (and senior) engineer from one of those other groups a cool 34 years after we had last seen each other.
If you don't have an Apple TV subscription, I believe a free 7 day trial is available. 
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