I have been working for about the last 12 months helping out with creating nocturnal video footage of mountain lions around Los Angeles for an episode in a large production that will probably air in 2020. At this stage, that is all I can say, other than my esteemed colleague Johanna Turner has been doing most of the work. We have been maintaining a bunch of camera traps in various locations, and have succeeded in some pretty cool footage. As soon as we can say more, we will :)
It should be noted that the internet is a wonderful thing. In the early 80's, I was an engineer designing microchips in a research laboratory in London. I was part of a small group among other small groups of design engineers. To cut a long story short, this mountain lion video project was realized through a Facebook connection to a fellow (and senior) engineer from one of those other groups a cool 34 years after we had last seen each other.
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