I love all types and variations of science photography. From microscopy, to focus stacking, to high speed imaging and video, infrared, UV fluorescence and thermal imaging. I wish I had time to really indulge in all of them. I am incredibly fortunate to consult for Hadland Imaging Inc.  - a company that provides high speed and ultra high speed video imaging solutions for a myriad of applications. What is ultra high speed video, you ask? 10 million frames a second... Yep, you read that right...
Camera trapping is used a lot in science photography - it is cool to freeze a moment in time, but often tough to control which moment. Camera trapping equipment can provide the precise timing necessary to capture a balloon in mid-burst, or a projectile traveling at 1500 feet per second. 
Feel free to check out some of my science/art/fun/nerdy photograph in this gallery!
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