There is no better honor as a photographer than to receive a positive testimonial from someone you have photographed. I am perhaps more proud of these, than my images. If I photograph someone, I only ever promise two things: Fun and safety. I find that if I get the process right, the images tend to work just fine. 
Here are a selection of comments from folks I have had the pleasure of working with:
My entire life, I have never enjoyed being in front of the camera, and I have never felt photogenic. All that changes though, when Roy is the one holding the camera! I've been photographed by him three times over the past few years, all for different projects. In Roy's studio, I feel proud to be me, beautiful, happy, light and free - and with his artistry and friendly encouragement - miraculously, I actually do become quite photogenic! He is indeed a rare talent, gently bringing out and capturing on camera the glorious nature of all his subjects. Thank you, Roy! 
Jasmin Azouz
I've worked with a handful of photographers over the years and they've all been talented. It seems that the professionals I've hired get better with each photoshoot. And so without hesitation I would tell you Roy that you've been the best yet. I loved your studio but I really appreciate how you brought the best out in me both professionally and personally 
Jonathan Goldhill
Working with Roy Dunn is so much fun! He’s got great energy, and the time just flies by. Roy creates a very relaxing atmosphere so I feel at ease and totally comfortable in front of the camera. Roy is a master at lighting, and that’s a big deal in photography. He definitely approaches photography as both a science and an art. And the results? Wow! Roy really makes me look good - and that definitely makes me happy! The photos he’s taken of me are the best I’ve ever had done. I love this guy!
Lissa Coffey, author, media personality
Working with Roy was one of the most fun photo shoots I've done in my life...and I've done quite a few. He made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed...even when I stripped down to my undies. He is respectful, kind and easy going...oh, and super talented. The photos are spectacular. In fact, the photo he took of my daughters and me still lives in the masthead of my website. Thank you Roy! xx 
Kerri Zane
“I have had the honor of being photographed by Roy a handful of times and each time I leave feeling filled up with love, joy and the feeling of anything is possible.  He creates magic in the studio and his creative genius inspires me.  He creates a feeling in the studio that I have total permission to be me and he captures my essence.  I love shooting with Roy.”
Jill Esplin 
"I consider myself fortunate to have been photographed by Roy Dunn on several occasions. Roy is truly gifted with a camera in hand.  He creates a relaxing, comforting setting through his ability to connect with and understand his subjects.  He has a keen eye for lighting and will take his time until the result is perfect.  He has a special gift for capturing the essence of me in photos and I am ever so grateful..  An added bonus is that he is patient, kind, warm, complimentary and funny too!" 
Laina Florio
Working with Roy is more than just getting photos taken, it is an experience of stepping fully into yourself, your power, your beauty and your play! Roy creates such a safe container to be fully expressed and the pictures that come out of his sessions reflect one’s true essence. 
Christine Hassler
"What I appreciate most about working with Roy is how comfortable he made me feel. I'm not a model and thinking about the process beforehand was slightly nerve racking.  Roy has a very easy way about him that made me instantly feel at ease. He also creates a very safe environment, one in which I felt I could push past my comfort zone and relax, have fun, and play!  And to top it off, I love the way the photos turned out! Most of the time, when I take a photo, I don't recognize myself in the picture.  I consider myself "un-photogenic."  Roy had a way of capturing me that allowed me to see myself AND say, "Oh! That's me! . . . And I look good!" 
Kanoe Wheeler

Working with Roy was a fantastic experience.  Creating an album cover was very new and daunting to me but Roy made the process really fun and natural.  I felt like he encouraged me to just be me.  Other photographers say, "just act naturally" while inside my guts are twisted.  Roy doesn't need to say anything.  His light and loving presence simply helps me be myself... And then he captures it. 
Ryan Brewer
I found Roy through a friend's gorgeous portrait image on LinkedIn and he was kind enough to schedule a photo shoot with me. I wanted to update my online profile but was nervous about being in front of the camera. Roy made me feel incredibly comfortable. We ended up laughing and joking for most of the session. His energy made me feel calm and happy which allowed me to show my true self. The photo's are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for! Roy was a pleasure to work with.
Jen Meister
“I’m not a model and, in the past, I wasn’t very comfortable in front of the camera.  So, I showed up to Roy’s studio a bit nervous and not really sure what to do, however, his easy going personality and compassion put me at ease as soon as I walked in the door.  Before even getting in front of the camera, we talked about our mutual objectives for the session and, most importantly, we set the intention to just have fun.  He gave me some pointers on body position and angle but, overall, the reason I loved my pictures were because I felt comfortable and at ease throughout the process.  I didn’t feel that I was being judged for not being model perfect.  We just tried things.  Some worked, some didn’t.  It was no big deal for Roy.  He was game for anything.  I love being in front of Roy’s camera as it now feels like playing rather than trying to be “perfect”.   The result are pictures that I feel natural and beautiful.  I’ve worked with Roy several times since my first experience and have more fun each time.” 
Emily Tharpe
I have been photographed by Roy on a number of occasions, and his artistry, perfectionism, and creativity are truly stellar.
He has managed to capture aspects of my physicality that are so vastly different in each shot because of his understanding of light, pace and timing. He manages to extract beauty in ways that only a true artist can.
It's a pleasure working with him.
Vanessa Barnett

To be photographed by Roy was an intimate experience. His sincere desire to connect with me at the core of who I am, beyond my personality and physical presence, was the foundation of our time together. Roy's authenticity, integrity and vulnerability created an environment in which I felt safe enough to allow the mask that I wear in the world to dissolve without thinking about it. There was nothing fake or contrived about our time together. When I look at the photographs, I not only see the essence of who I am, I also feel the joy of having danced with Roy in such an intimate and beautiful way. I highly recommend working with Roy, especially IF you're willing to explore the depths of your Being!
Shiva Wheeler

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