Here are some links to gear and sites that I use a lot - gear, learning, reference, whatever...
Camera Trapping:
I use Cognisys gear almost exclusively for my camera trapping requirements. While I am close friends with the people in the company, and receive the odd prototype to test in the field, I insist on paying for all my gear. I stand by this company and its products 100%. Their website not only has their products, but tons of How-To video tutorials, articles, images and explanations. If you are remotely interested in camera-trapping, this site is a must-visit.
High Speed Imaging Solutions:
I am officially 'retired', though I do have a business - Roy Dunn Photography. Under that business name, I am a consultant to a number of companies, and by far the most fun I have is with Hadland Imaging. Hadland is a company that provides complete high speed imaging solutions: Video cameras that can achieve frame rates as high as 10 million frames per second, High Intensity light sources, Lasers, Flash X-Ray machines, Thermal imaging cameras, Data acquisition and Control environments, Flight Followers (Projectile Tracking) as well as software for simple to complex motion analysis. Oh, and 2D and 3D DIC (Digital Image Correlation), PIV (Particle image velocimetry). Apart from detailed product listings, the Hadland website has some of the coolest high speed video clips available on the internet. You can spend hours being mesmerized - don't say I didn't warn you...
Business Insurance:
Business insurance is important for photographers, and I get asked all the time. I use Hiscox. While I have never had to make a claim, their reputation and coverage is excellent. 
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