I love photographing humans. Well, adults, to be more accurate, and I approach it a little differently from most photographers. To begin with, I have no interest or attachment to the images I create. None. I don't set out to create great pictures when I have a human subject in front of me. My only goal is to have those humans feel safe and secure enough to be 'real'; whatever that means for them. To be themselves, without a mask, without fear, without judgement. I simply capture the moments when they get there. Interestingly, I find when I get that process right, the images speak for themselves. To me, it is about the process, not the results, and so far, it has worked perfectly. 
I generally shoot humans in one of three scenarios: In my studio, on location, or as an abstracted artform. You can see a portfolio that covers all three genres, or peruse further examples:
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